Are you a member of the “Country Club”?

Country Club

This image says it all.  This house is country, end of story.  It’s a badge of honor for my children, they love living the small town life outside of a big city.  3 sides of my house face the woods, so I didn’t even have curtains or blinds until 5 years ago.  Our home is at the end of a gravel road off a two lane country road.  We have rabbits that frolic through the yard and aggravate the dogs, deer creep around and nibble my garden and possums that come into my garage if there is too much dog food left out.

One year, we had a flying squirrel that would come down the chimney and crawl up the rock fireplace, hop to the TV and glide down across the living room.  He’d hop all over the house, even upstairs.  He liked the nuts we’d leave out, but did not like peanuts.  He also did not like us leaving a loaf of bread on the microwave- he’d knock it on the floor.  That ended when we found a giant black snake in the house.  He had also come down the chimney, so we put a critter guard on the chimney after that.

Last year, we raised chickens.  We started with 4, but my son got “baby chick fever” and we ended up with 3 dozen baby chicks (you have to buy them by the dozen).  That was a lot of chickens!  These free range chickens laid multicolored eggs that were absolutely delicious.  We’ve since gave some away, and something ate the ones we had left.  I did say I lived on the edge of the woods right?  We can hear coyotes howl at night, so my guess is either coyotes or a fox got them.

We have a creek that runs behind our house that the dogs love.  It keeps them cool in the summer.  We find crawfish and turtles in it.  Once I found a horseshoe (remember I’m lucky!)  When it rains, it fills with rushing water and we splash around and try to build make shift damns with granite rocks.  Water always finds a way around no matter how many times we rebuild the damn.

This time of year is magical.  The air is filled with the sweet scent of honeysuckle and the lightning bugs (or fireflies depending on where you are from) sparkle across the yard at twilight.  It is truly a time to reflect on the infinite creative nature of God.  At night, the entire sky is filled with stars and they glitter like diamonds across the night sky as we sit around the fire.

So tell me, are you a member of the “Country Club” ?  🙂

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