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Yes, stranger things have happened, but I can only credit my 14 pound weight loss (in the 1st 13 weeks of 2018) to Juliana & Mark and losing my appetite in the upside down.  Why?  I’ll tell you.

  1. I work in the food industry and have been clean eating for 7 years now, never seen results like this.  I felt better and my cholesterol was down, but no weight loss.
  2. I also QUIT walking 30 minutes a day.  I’ve done it also for 7 years and while I enjoyed it, I was tired of it.  I got to enjoy nature and some great conversations with Barb, but no weight loss from this.
  3. I’ve done aerobics and belly dancing and while these were both strenuous activities and I felt great after each class- stronger even, no sustained weight loss.

Which brings me to yoga.  Everything I’ve know to be steady and stable has gone completely bonkers since last year’s solar eclipse (yes I am being dramatic, but it is still kinda true).  This massive  change in my family, work, social, etc. gave me unprecedented mounts of stress and threw my blood pressure through the roof, so I needed a way to find balance.  I turned to Boho Beautiful

I’ve followed the Boho Beautiful Pilates YouTube videos off and on for a couple of years, mainly as I geared up for a beach trip.  This time, I started to do the yoga videos.  I took Tony Robbin’s advice and created a morning and night ritual.  I do a 10 minute yoga video in the morning, and a 15 minute video at night.  This was the silver bullet to my weight loss.

Once, my doctor told me the best way to lose weight was to eat less.  Yes- this made me laugh hysterically for years too.  Really?  I am a hungry person and if I don’t eat I get a headache.  After adding these yoga videos to my routine, I have to remind myself to eat.  Let me repeat that- I HAVE TO REMIND MYSELF TO EAT.  I’ve even found my self spitting out food after I’ve chewed it up.  Gone is my second breakfast and my mid morning snack.  Gone also is my afternoon snack, pre dinner snack and my after dinner dessert.    Don’t judge, I made up my mind years ago that if I am going to eat food, it would only be delicious- so believe me all of these “snacks” were delicious and nutritious.  What made the difference?  I credit it to the upside down.

Yes- all of the other exercise activities I used to do always had me right side up, yoga had me upside down.  I used to hate how my head felt when I did downward dog, now I look forward to it.  I think it has to do with draining my lymph nodes, but I really have no idea.  All I know is my body is toned, my life is balance and I am 14 pounds lighter and I AM NOT HUNGRY.  It’s also inspired me to travel more since their videos are shot on location around the world.  I even did my own sunrise beach yoga at Myrtle Beach and got to live the dream!  Thank you Juliana & Mark from Boho Beautiful!  You guys rock!Sunrise Yoga www.theluckywife.life.jpg


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