Recipe: Palmetto Cheese Smoked Salmon Appetizers

Palmetto Cheese & Smoked Salmon Appetizer- oh yes it is divine

Palmetto Cheese Appetizer

This little snack has completely consumed me since last summer.  Aunt Tina introduced me to Palmetto Cheese (never heard of it?, you are seriously getting cheated out of life) once upon a time at Lake Murray.  We paired it last summer with Pretzel Crisps (original) and smoked salmon last summer at Lake Wateree and I have been in love ever since.

So much so, that I now buy the club size bag of Pretzel Crisps a month and a tub of Palmetto Cheese a week.  Gluttonous?  Yes  Fattening?  Strangely, no.  I’ve eat this (almost) every day since Jan and I’ve actually LOST 14 pounds.  I’ve also been doing yoga, so maybe its the chemical combination of the two combined.  Either way, I am in love with this appetizer, which I just had for breakfast, and had for dinner last night- see?  I am obsessed.

What’s your favorite appetizer?

Author: Melanie

Conquering the world, 1 recipe at a time. Life is a feast and most poor fools are starving to death. Join me on Instagram, the_lucky_wife

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