Recipe: Gourmet Iced Mochachino Ice Cream Sandwiches!

Add this to your summer kickoff family traditions!

Iced Mochachino-Melanie Knight

Iced Mochachino-Ice Cream Sandwiches by Melanie Knight

Once upon a time, on a hot summer day in Lancaster, my now father-in-law had an “ice cream sandwich” making party at his house- believe me, he can turn any occasion into a party.  We laughed and worked at the speed of light – you have to when working with ice cream in the sultry south.  His easy and fun lesson was a great summer kickoff and a family tradition he passed down to me.  We don’t do it every summer, but we’re doing it today!  He taught me how to make homemade ice cream sandwiches and how simple ingredients can bring a family together and create lifelong memories, and now I’ll share this awesome knowledge with you!

1 bag Archway® Cookies Dutch Cocoa
1.5 quart Espresso Chip Ice Cream
Aluminum foil for wrapping

Spoon about ½ inch of ice cream onto 1 cookie, work quickly to make it a smooth, even layer. Top with the other cookie, then run a butter knife around the edge to smooth it out. Wrap with aluminum foil and store in the freezer. The delicious treats can be made ahead of time so you can surprise your guests with a cool gourmet dessert!

If you are working with kids, line them up along the counter or table and work in an assembly line.

Ice cream sandwiches, like everything else, taste better the next day.  Good luck though, we go through these like paper plates!

Let me know if you make these!  I’d love to see your flavor combos!

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